THE SADO 550  

As already it was referred, to SADO 550 was born of the "projecto XIMBA" an idea by the Entreposto. During the, unfortunately short, phase of commercialization, they were sold around 500 units, distributed by 5 versions of finishes, by what, barely themselves will be able to he affirm, the units that still today they are preserved, they will be unique pieces and personnels of each an of his holders. These small citycars, they were seen in the height's  (I refer me to the North Zone) in the hands of the technicians from the Alcodi (company of elevators) and of the TLP (the phone company). Some of these staffs liked so much of the vehicle that, on the occasion of its one sell they acquired them for personal use, and many of them still today they have them in its be able to.

The 1st version has a flat windshield and add less width
In version 2 doors are elarged, the flat windshiel was replaced
The version 3 receive a new read window and a restiled spoiler
 About the version 4 i don't have for the moment facts about details.  
Finaly the 5th and last version become whit climatization and two new windows at the rear.

You can see more details in the Photo Gallery