Daihatsu AB20 - 2 cylinders in line, 4 stroke. OHC

     Diameter and 71,6 course x 68,0 mm.

    Piston displacement 547 cm3.

     Maximum power 28 P. S. the 5500 r. p. m.

     Binary (max) 4,0 kg-m the 3500 r. p. m.

    Tax of compression 9,2.


Cooling System:

     Water cooling. Pressurized circuit.

       Centrifugal pump and fan. Thermostatic control.


Fuel System:

    Horizontal carburator. dry air cleaner

     Mechanical fuel pump
    Fuel tank capacity:20 liters.


Gear box:

    4 speed and reverse.

     1ª.-3,916; 2ª.-2,314; 3ª.-1,508;4ª.-1,000.   R-4,363.


Front & Rear suspension::

    Rigid axle with hydraulic shock absorvers and leaf springs mouted                   longitudinally




    Rack and pinion. Turning circle — 4,2 m.



    Drums all round, dual circuit hydraulic without booster.

     Mechanical parking brake on the rear whells


Whells & Tyres:

    Steel 3.50C x 8.00.

    Tyres 4.00 x 8 (6PR).



        Lenght (2365mm)                       

        Widht (1345mm)                                   

        Height (1402mm)                           

        Between axes (1420mm)                       

        Front axe (1200mm)                                                          

        Rear axe (1200mm)   

        Weight (500Kg).

        Places: 2